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   WHO AM I   


Guided Tours In Israel - David Schechter

I am a tour guide with over 40 years of experience in organizing and managing private guided tours in Israel. I speak English and Hebrew fluently and have a working knowledge of Arabic.  I have  extensive knowledge of geography, Jewish heritage, religion, general history and archeology, vegetation, wildlife and nature. In addition, I own a business that provides logistic support and catering to field trips.


Private Guided Tours

With me , you will enjoy private guided tours anywhere in Israel , in small intimate groups, thus heightening the experience of the trip. Route planning and the nature of the trip are based on the interests and requests of the client. I guide tours everywhere and anywhere in Israel and know every corner of the country.


Tour Options :

Travel - Road Trips , off-road trips with a four-wheel drive vehicle and walking trips to leading destinations in Israel.

Dining - Meal preparation in the field with the possibility of cooking your own meals, or restaurants and cafes.

Accommodation - a wide choice of hotels , bed and breakfasts , hostels and camping fascilities. 


Your tour can be planned according to any one or combination of these options.

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