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Everything started in 2008. The New York Times named Tel Aviv "The Mediterranean Capital of Cool" and Israel was suddenly acknowledged by the newapaper it had been on the edge of for a long time. It was at long last distinguished as one of the best travel destinations on the planet, and going to Israel abruptly climbed back onto the worldwide travel program.


Visiting Israel is a completely special experience. No other country has such a wide assortment of climates, wildlife and fauna, history, archaeology and religious sites  in such a small area. Israel truly does offer everything. While it takes just six hours to drive from north to south, in some places it takes just 20 minutes from east to west. Israel is a phenomenal travel destination with an incredible variety of tours  for all types of tourists and all kinds of tourism - be it hiking, off road traveling, camping or an empasis on the unlimited historical and archaeological sites.

Tourism In Israel


From the blessed and ancient city of Jerusalem, sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims;  to the cool, continuous, current, and vibrant Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv less than an hour away, Israel is a place of unrivaled variety. There are more art galleries in Israel per individual than any place else on the planet, and archaeological sites which date back millennia. And that's just for starters!

From swimming in the Mediterranean to water skiing in the Red Sea in Eilat; from winter skiing on the Hermon Mountain to floating in the supernatural waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth; Israel is immersed with attractions and activities to suit all tastes. The country is crisscrossed by cycling trails, hiking paths, 4 x 4 tracks and even brags the planet's first underwater gallery in Caesarea where you swoop through antiquated remains. How astonishing!  Book some of the diverse day tours in israel. All of your senses will awaken and guide you through this fantastic country.


From the seemingly barren Negev in the south; to the beautiful, rolling, Tuscan-style knolls of the Galilee in the north, this country is full of interesting and cool places  every living soul should see!


In Israel, archaeological sites dating back  60 centuries co-exist side by side with high-rises, sophisticated restaurants, lively bars, stylish boutique inns, contemporary hotels, spas, natural springs, nightlife, theaters, museums and galeries: all here for you to enjoy. 


Thank God for the tourism in Israel.


Tourist Sites in Israel

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