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David Schechter offers many attractive tour choices in israel, ranging from a few hours, an entire day and up to a week or more.

The following are some details of sample tours. All tours are tailored to my client's requests and interests.

TEL AVIV – JAFFA: the Old City of Jaffa and its port, the Jaffa flea market, a bird's eye view of the modern city of Tel Aviv, the War of Independence, the "Ayalon Institute" - a secret underground munitions factory.


ירושלים הרים סביב לה" - תהילים קכ"הׂׂ"
"as the mountains surround Jerusalem", psalms 125:2
Views of Jerusalem from the mountains surrounding her on all sides.

3000 YEARS OF BIBLICAL HISTORY IN ONE PLACE: Jewish settlement in the south Hebron mountains from Joshua's spies to King David to Rome to today, the Yatir forest, an ancient Roman road, the Sussia synagogue – "The story told by the bible archaeology and modern history", Tel Arad

WATER AND JERUSALEM: Water systems of Jerusalem - the Cannanite Tunnel, King Hezkiyahu's Tunnel, King Herod's aqueducts, the Ottoman Empire pipe and the British Mandate water pipes

JESUS IN JERUSALEM: His origins and his travels, the Via Dolorosa, the development of Christianity in the city, the major churches today and their history.

THE GOLAN HEIGHTS: The Hermon Mountain, the Golan volcanoes, the Syrian water diversion project, the sights and stories of the 1967 Six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the springs of the Golan Heights, Gamla and Susita

WESTERN GALLILEE: Ancient Acre, the Tunesian synagogue, the Crusaders, Rosh Hanikra, the Bahai faith and holy places, the Carmel Mountain range, the Druze and their religion

PREHISTORY IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL: The Mount Carmel caves (one million years of continuous settlement) the Jordan Valley excavations, the western Galilee sights

THE CHRISTIANS IN THE GALILEE: Churches and holy sights, the Arab Christians, Jesus and the Apostles in the north, Nazareth and Caperneum

THE NABATIAN EMPIRE: Mamshit, Ovdat, Nitzana, the Nabatian trade routes

CARCOM MOUNTAIN: a two-and-a-half day 4X4 off-road trip to the 40,000 year history of a holy mountain in the middle of the desert (maybe Mount Sinai) with a graveyard at its peak. The trip includes natural water sources in the middle of the desert and heards of Ibex and Wild Asses that have been reintroduced to the area in the past years

THE TEL AVIV -  JERUSALEM ROAD: from the 1948 War of Independence to today, the "Burma Road" (the fight to break the siege of Jerusalem in 1947-8), the Latrun monasteries,  Israel's monument to September 11th, the Kennedy memorial.

THE ROAD TO JERICHO AND THE DEAD SEA: Jericho, ancient Jewish sects and the Christian desert monasteries, the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi – water, biblical agriculture and an ancient synagogue, Masada, Sdom and Amora, the Dead Sea Works, the Great Rift Valley.

FIRST TEMPLE JERUSALEM: The Temple Mount, the Western Wall Tunnels, the City of David, archaeology, the First Temple walls of the city.

SECOND TEMPLE JERUSALEM: the Western Wall and excavations, the city walls, the Hasmonian revolt and reign, King Herod's Temple Mount, the Herodian castles, the destruction of the Second Temple.

WATER AND ISRAEL: the national water carrier, the Sea of Galilee, the Hula Valley, the coastal and mountain aquifers, reclaimed waste water and desalinization

SAFED: The Old City, the synagogues and the     artists quarter; Rosh Pina - the beginning of modern settlement and agriculture in the Galilee; "tampering with nature" – drying up the Hula valley and the reflooding; bird migration

ISRAELITE SETTLEMENT AND THE CANANITES IN THE HOLY LAND: the ancient cities of Megiddo and Hatzor and Tel Dan (more than 6,000 years of history).

THE RELIGIONS OF JERUSALEM: Christians, Moslems, Armenians and Jews and their quarters, similar religious and cultural traditions and customs

THE GREAT CRATERS OF THE NEGEV: Geology, ancient agriculture in the Negev mountains and modern settlement in the desert

THE ARAVA VALLEY: Modern settlement, the geology of the Great Rift Valley, King Solomon's mines and the Timna crater, Roman roads in the Negev, the Jordanian border Peace Road and the flock of flamingos that settled north of Eilat



There are of course, innumerable possibilities and anything is possible

Contact us to order your tour

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